Coming Soon: Become a Master Recycler!

Send us an email if interested so we can let you know when this awesome program is ready to launch!

Let our friendly staff share their knowledge on all things reduce, reuse, recycle! Learn about accepted materials, proper household hazardous waste disposal, composting, how to set up an at-home recycling station, build a rain barrel and/or impacts proper and improper waste management have on our health and the economy.

We offer a number of awesome opportunities to learn:

  • Education Programs for ALL ages
  • Local school assembly education
  • College clubs and class presentations
  • Community events with an experienced staff member available
  • Host field trips and tours  at the Community Recycling Center
    Get a behind-the-scenes look at how our recycling center is operated, along with an overview of the recycling process itself.

We empower through like-minded education initiatives:

Take the  “No Plastic Straw Pledge”.